“Building one-of-a-kind instruments. One at a time. For 20 years.“

About the Builder

About twenty years ago, I carved “Mi Querencia” into a weathered piece of oak, and nailed it to the front of my home. It is Spanish, relatively obscure, and not easily defined. Loosely, it describes a place in your heart, a place that generates a sense of safety and security, but a place that is in fact, neither safe, nor secure. An example occurs during the last few minutes of a bullfight. The bull, after being prodded and taunted …

Sounds of Wonder and Celebration

The sounds created by the Native American flute capture and give voice to the beauty of nature. For over thirty-five thousand years, wind instruments have turned the breezes in a tree line, the canyon echoes, and the sounds of God’s creatures, into songs of wonder and celebration. The flute is just a hollow stick. It awaits neither sheet music nor accompaniment. Your heart alone inspires its voice.