African Mahogany Dm…

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This flute is 24-1/2 inches in length with a one inch bore diameter. Woods used in the build, beginning at the mouthpiece include SE Asian amboyna burl between layers of macassar ebony, capped with the mahogany. The fetish block is cut from the mahogany, bonded to Oklahoma red cedar for moisture control, and includes wing overlay of paua abalone, madrone burl, and addl. Macassar ebony.

Inlay, beginning again, at the mouthpiece, includes a fiery 9x12mm Mexican boulder opal, flanked by 4,7mm turquoise cabs, while each side of the compression chamber is set with 16mm, macassar ebony disks, offset by pyrographics and powdered turquoise around 9.5mm disks of moose antler, to include tiny 3.9mm turquoise dots. Forward from the fetish block, I’ve inlaid a 17x23mm oval cut Mexican crazy lace agate, followed by finger hole accents of four 4mm abalone dots, and a 6mm turquoise cab. Lastly the fetish has a 6mm black pearl set to the crown, and 2.8mm hematite beads, set as eyes.

The flute was tuned at an ambient temp of 72° F with a wood temp of 76.1° F., at 31% humidity.

The instrument includes a slide off wrap of South Dakota prairie rattlesnake skin, as well as mildly interesting paperwork.

Overall, I’m not crazy about the voice of this flute. It’s not breathy, but folks agree, it’s different. Some like it, some don’t. You should judge for yourself. I will however quote Hawk Henries, a gentleman with a 30 year history of building flutes…” Rich I understand that you don’t care for the voice but I like it! It has a nice balanced breathiness to it – kind of old school sounding.”..So there ya go.

1 in stock