Ancient Kauri Em


This flute is 22-1/4 inches in length with a one inch bore diameter. Specific woods used, beginning at the mouthpiece include Bethlehem olive between layers of Cedar of Lebanon, and capped with the Kauri. Each side of the compression chamber is inset with 19mm disks of the Bethlehem olive wood as well. The fetish block is cut from the 50,000 year old kauri, bonded to a base of Oklahoma red cedar for moisture control.

Inlay material begins at the mouthpiece with a 10x12mm oval cut labradorite cab, flanked by4mm turquoise dots. The sound chamber is inset with a 10x13mm 70-130 million year old Bear paw dragon skin ammolite cab, which carat for carat is now more expensive than diamonds. The finger holes are accented with four 5mm abalone cabs, and a 6mm dome cut labradorite cab. Lastly, the lead horse of the fetish is set with a 6mm dome cut iron pyrite cab, representing strength, while the crown of the trailing horse is set with a 4.8mm faceted Brazilian mystic topaz, indicating fragility and fear. Both animals have hematite beads set as eyes.

Subtle hand colorizing was done to the Bethlehem olive on this instrument, because I enjoy it. Included also are two wraps of 1mm rawhide because that’s also fun.

As an added bonus, I misspelled Querencia on the backside of the flute, having only spelled it correctly for 17 years.

The non contact laser wood temperature at the time of tuning, was 77.3° F, while the ambient temperature was 72.6° F, with a humidity factor of 44%. Tuning was done at sea level.