Caribbean Zircote F#m

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This hardwood is prized as a tonewood, particularly in the building of stringed instruments. Although obstinate, I like it’s voicing in my work as well.

This instrument is 20-1/16” in length, with a 7/8” bore diameter. Woods include a simple combination of Amboyna burl and ziricote at the mouthpiece, 19mm disks of the amboyna burl to each side of the compression chamber accented with 9mm disks of dyed/stabilized box elder burl as well. The fetish block is cut from the ziricote, bonded to a base of Oklahoma red cedar for moisture control. The bird’s wing overlay starts with abalone veneer with overlay of mappa burl, and additional ziricote.

Inlay, beginning at the mouthpiece, includes a 6mm dome cut labradorite, flanked by 4mm turquoise dots, while the wood accents to each  side of the compression chamber is further detailed with 3.6mm Australian fire opals. The sound chamber includes a 16x22mm oval cut Mexican crazy lace agate, while the finger holes are accented with four 5mm abalone dots, and a 6mm dome cut cab of natural amber. Lastly, the fetish block has a 6mm dome cut hematite cab set to the crown, and 2.8mm hematite beads, set as eyes.

To make them visible, some of the pyrographics were backfilled with turquoise powder from the Sleeping Beauty mine/Globe AZ. As well as New Mexico pipestone powder.

The flute was tuned at a wood temp, of 77.4° F, an ambient temp, of 72.7° F, and a humidity factor of 58%… sea level

Removal of the block is unnecessary for drying out the flue ramp. Simply loosening the ties and pulling the block to the side is sufficient.


1 in stock