Ecuadorean Ziricote F#m


This Ziricote flute was built with a one inch bore diameter, and is 19 inches in length. This is my first build with this hardwood. It was difficult, but won’t be my last.
The mouthpiece is formed from African ebony, between layers of copper plate, and bonded to additional ziricote. The fetish is cut from ziricote, and bonded to Oklahoma red cedar. Overlay to the wings on each side consist of two varieties of paua abalone, madrone burl, and Virginia walnut burl.

Inlay, beginning at the mouthpiece includes a 5.2mm, .90ct faceted African black diamond, flanked by 4.3mm domed turquoise cabs. The pyro design was then backfilled with crushed turquoise from Globe Arizona’s Sleeping Beauty Mine, since it was barely visible. Each side of the compression chamber is set with a 22mm disk of addl. African ebony and again, backfilled pyrographics. This backfill material was a mixture of Sleeping Beauty turquoise, Arizona chrysocolla, and Arizona malachite. I think it’s now teal. The design also incorporates 2.8, 5.2, and 6mm abalone dots. Forward from the fetish block is a 6x12mm diamond cut abalone cab, while the sound chamber is accented with a15x20mm robin’s egg turquoise cab. The flute’s finger holes were then accented with four 4mm abalone dots and a 6mm dome cut rainbow topaz. Lastly, the fetish has a 6mm, .86ct Brazilian azotic topaz set to the crown and 2.3mm faceted African cognac diamonds, set as eyes.

The flute was tuned at 72.1 degrees F, @ 56% humidity. Purchase includes a small two piece manzanita burl stand, a protective fleece bag, and a hard shell cordura case from Mark Slater’s Flutecase Store.