Laotian Flamewood Gm…

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This instrument is 19-3/4 inches in length, with a 7/8 inch bore diameter. The build was challenging, as this true rosewood is extremely dense, and not unlike building a flute from cement.

Woods used at the mouthpiece include old growth redwood burl capped with the flamewood, while the fetish is cut from flamewood, with wing overlay of abalone, and amboyna burl, and bonded to a base of Oklahoma red cedar for moisture control.

Inlay, beginning at the mouthpiece, includes a stunning 7x8mm Australian fire opal, flanked by 4.2mm abalone dots. The sides of the compression chamber are set with 16mm amboyna burl disks accompanied by 8.3mm quartz capped abalone cabochons. The sound chamber is accented with a 13x18mm teardrop cut Mexican crazy lace agate, while the finger holes are set with four 4.2mm abalone dots, and a 4.8mm orange pearl. Lastly, the fetish block has 2.4mm faceted African cognac diamonds set as eyes, and a 5.5mm black pearl set to the bird’s crown.

The flute was tuned at a wood temperature of 70.6 degrees F, an air temp. of 72 degrees F, and a humidity factor of 37%.

Due to its density, and lack of cellular voids, this material tends to accumulate moisture. With that in mind, the underside of the compression chamber has a nylon sleeved ¼” hole for drainage. Included is an aluminum billet plug and cotton wicking material. Should ambient playing conditions call for it, the plug can be replaced, and by tucking the wicking an inch or so into the compression chamber, with a toothpick the moisture will wick out via the cotton.

Additionally, for drying purposes, it is unnecessary to completely remove the block and deerskin ties. Simply loosen the ties and draw the block up and to the side. Should the ties be completely removed from their channels, it is best to coax them back through using a toothpick, so as not to damage the holes.

1 in stock