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    African Mahogany Dm…

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    This flute is 24-1/2 inches in length with a one inch bore diameter. Woods used in the build, beginning at the mouthpiece include SE Asian amboyna burl between layers of macassar ebony, capped with the mahogany. The fetish block is cut from the mahogany, bonded to Oklahoma red cedar for moisture control,...
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  • Alowood Em… (SOLD)

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    No longer available anywhere in the world, this material started out as plantation grown Radiata pine, in New Zealand. Colorized starch was then pressure forced through the lumber, creating a hardwood from the pine.

    This instrument is 22-1/4 inches in length, with a one inch bore or sound chamber...
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    Alowood Fm

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    This flute is crafted from New Zealand radiata pine, known as Alowood. It is plantation grown and organically hardened by pressure injection of colored starch. The material is no longer available anywhere in the world. The instrument has a single sound chamber which can be broken down for transporting...
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    Alowood Fm (SOLD)

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    This wood is interesting material, and much to my frustration, now unavailable anywhere in the world. Back in 2006, a company found they could take plantation grown New Zealand radiata pine, and force starch through the planks, effectively turning a soft wood, into a hardwood. They then figured out...
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    Ancient Kauri Em (SOLD)

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    This flute is 22-1/4 inches in length with a one inch bore diameter. Specific woods used, beginning at the mouthpiece include Bethlehem olive between layers of Cedar of Lebanon, and capped with the Kauri. Each side of the compression chamber is inset with 19mm disks of the Bethlehem olive wood as...
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    Ancient Kauri Fm

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    Some instruments require more patience and present greater challenges than others. I felt I needed to experience both with this flute. The New Zealand Kauri is tuned to Fm, is 21-9/16” in length and has a 7/8” diameter bore. The material is approx, 50,000 years old, having been excavated from...
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    Ancient Kauri Fm (SOLD)

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    This material is harvested from peat bogs in New Zealand where these trees rested after falling over, approximately 50,000 years ago. These trees may be older, but Carbon 14 dating gets a little sketchy beyond 40,000 years. The material is expensive, and not a good candidate for flute building experimentation....
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    Ancient Kauri Fm. “Vieja Linda” 3 of 3, second series (SOLD)

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    Before addressing this build, I should outline the characteristics of some of the materials used. This NEW ZEALAND KAURI is bogwood. The variety is indigenous to New Zealand, and is approximately 50,000 years old. It may be older, but the accuracy of Carbon-14 dating falls off dramatically beyond...
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    Ancient Kauri Gm

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    This instrument is 19-15/16” in length, with a 7/8” bore diameter. The primary wood is a 50,000 year old New Zealand material known as Kauri. It still grows today, but this material was preserved in a bog wherein the cellular voids were amberized, preserving it and preventing deterioration. Additional...
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