About 14 years ago, I was introduced to the artistry of Zuni fetish carvers, and began incorporating the work into a few of my instruments. One artist in particular, Garrick Acque, for me, stood out from the rest. I thought it fitting to incorporate one of his carved fetishes to the last of the Alowood engineered lumber available on earth, as well as the last I’ve owned for 15 years. I’ll miss that unique material…….Additional materials for this build, include three varieties of Australian fire opal, The last dome cut Rainbow topaz I’ve been able to find, Labradorite, abalone and turquoise. The woods used in addition to the alowood, include macassar ebony, Oklahoma red cedar, and twice dyed/stabilized box elder burl, with a little subtle hand colorizing because it’s fun to do. Enjoy your Summer, when and if it shows up.