Meet Whimsy 2.0   I began building this block from scraps, and it is the second build with this cast of characters. The flute wood is SE Asian paldao, with accents of dyed/stabilized box elder burl. The fetish block is somewhat fragile, so this flute would not be your weapon of choice in a bar fight. The cat and bird are cut from Oklahoma red cedar and resting on a chunk of Iroko,,,occasionally called African teak. Iroko is nowhere near the teak family, and I’m not positive it’s from Africa either.

Additional ingredients for this Gm instrument, include quartz capped abalone, turquoise dots, a fire opal triplet, Brazilian azotic topaz, labradorite, hematite beads, two extremely small African cognac diamonds, and Mexican crazy lace agate. Celebrate the arrival of Spring….I sure will.