Hi. This flute is built from Oklahoma red cedar and tuned to G#4. It has a bore diameter of 7/8” and is 18 inches in length. Overall, it’s a nice cedar flute, technically correct, nicely voiced, and not one of my favorites. The only reason for that is because it’s built from cedar. I am not a huge fan of soft wood flutes with soft wood voicing. Many, if not most folks love the voicing of cedar flutes..

Woods included in the build include SE Asian amboyna burl, SE Asian thuya burl, and of course, cedar. Accent work incorporates abalone, Mexican crazy lace agate, turquoise, spiny oyster, and heat treated hematite (I think).

The fetish on this instrument was cut to represent the macaw, the Zuni symbol for Summer, and the little accent at the far end, is a stylized dragonfly. It is not a mosquito. The country is thawing. Go outside and play nice.