This material is known as Ambrosia Maple. I thought ambrosia was a fruit salad, and I was wrong. It’s a tiny bug that loves eating maple wood. If a flute has a pin hole from one of these bugs, the flute will know it, and sound like a duck call instead of a flute. After an exhaustive hunt for the offending pin hole, I gave up and chopped 3+ inches off the end, and created a beautifully voiced Am4 flute. I still cannot find the leak in the scrap I removed. Woods used in the build include CA buckeye burl, SE Asian amboyna burl, and Oklahoma red cedar. The fetish is cut in what I call a “flight or fight” arrangement of two opposing horses. Inlay includes Mexican boulder opal, Mexican fire opal, Mexican crazy lace agate, abalone, hematite, iron pyrite, and Brazilian azotic topaz. More pictures and sound files when it finds it’s way to my website at  Stay warm and dry, and start playing nice with one another.