This would be an Oklahoma red cedar Gm. It has a  7/8 inch bore, and an overall length of 20-1/2 inches. Outwardly, not particularly unusual or creative, but the first of three experiments wherein I’m attempting to achieve a hardwood clear voice from a soft wood, without the tonal artifacts cedar is known for. If you enjoy the typical cedar sound, this will not be your instrument. I tuned it up a half step from F#m so it has a clear happy dance kind of voice, by creating a serpent tuning hole at the foot of the instrument. Additional materials include dyed box elder burl, abalone, turquoise, Mexican jelly opal, spiny oyster and a little hand colorizing.  I would include an MP3 file here if I knew how, so I’ll have to wait until it’s posted to my website. Enjoy your Summer, and try not to set anything on fire.