With a side order of Good riddance. So much crisis and divisive turmoil is really trashing what’s left of my Golden Years…..but I digress.

This Virginia walnut Gm flute is my last instrument for the year, and it’s a 20 inch screamer. Woods in addition to the walnut include California buck eye burl, box elder burl, SE Asian amboyna burl, mappa burl, and Oklahoma red cedar. Additional condiments include Mexican crazy lace agate, turquoise dots, Sleeping Beauty Mine powdered turquoise, orange pearls, a coin pearl, abalone and hematite. Also includes a permanent rawhide binding and a removable South Dakota prairie rattlesnake wrap.  And yes, the fetish block is another bird carving. There is just very little artistic license you can express carving a porcupine or gopher…………….On another note, I sold a flute last week, which generated an unsolicited testimonial on Dec. 10th. I have over 100 posted on my website, but I have never shared them outside of that platform,,,,until today. This was a truly humbling surprise. The client wrote  If youre on the fence or deciding between one of Richs flutes and another craftsmans, let me cast the final vote for you: buy from Rich. I got the chills blowing in to this for the first timeits exactly the sound for which Ive been looking. The attention to detail, craftsmanship, right down to the carefully curated paperwork he sends, this flute and the whole process have been world class. I really do feel like this isnt just a flute; I can feel the love Rich poured into this, and look forward to enjoying it for decades to come.….He wanted to add more, but I suggested to do so, would appear that I created the whole thing myself. Here’s hoping 2022 recovers gracefully from 2021and 2020. Play nice, and be safe.