In flute making,  I’m particularly fond of equatorial hardwoods, for their beauty and voicing. My tools are never fond of them. Ever. This is Hawaiian curly Koa. It has a 1” bore diameter, and is tuned to Gm. I had other Hawaiian hardwoods available, lychee and mango mostly, but wasn’t thrilled with the boards available to me.  I cut the fetish block to look like the “Io” which is a hawk indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands. It doesn’t look like the Io. ……..not even close. Other materials include abalone, freshwater coin pearls, Hawaiian jasper, hematite, Australian boulder opal, labradorite and turquoise. Other woods include anigre, walnut burl, mappa burl, and amboyna burl, the most expensive burl in the world, thanks to Chinese hoarding. Both the labradorite and Hawaiian jasper are coveted for their healing properties. This then, wraps up the first build for 2023. I hope 2023 works out better for you than 2022 did for me. Play nice.