Hi folks. Thanks for visiting my blog, now integrated into my shiny new website. I hope it makes some sense, and you enjoy it…… This winter has been particularly brutal here at Querencia Woodwinds, in part because the entire production facility is about 6’x8’ with only three sides. Although those three sides are logs and are substantial, the fourth side is ……a shower curtain. My fun meter plummets when trying to build a flute at 51° F and output was therefore reduced to about one instrument every six weeks or so.

As I have mentioned many times in the past, SE Asian Paldao is one of my favorite tone woods, and I am apparently the only builder who crafts a flute from this material. It never disappoints me.

This SE Asian Paldao instrument has quite an array of ingredients, to include amboyna burl, box elder burl, moose antler, pyrographics, abalone, Australian boulder opal, Mexican crazy lace agate, hematite, Maine tourmaline, turquoise, and Sleeping Beauty turquoise powder. It is tuned to 432Hz, in the key of Em. Thankfully, Spring is coming. Play nice.