So I posted my “Covid Collection” to my shiny new website, and temporarily blew it up…..26 flutes, 260+ photos, 26 sound files, and detailed text for each instrument. The builders had it back up in 24 hours, and said it was not my fault.

During a break from the cold, I ripped and routed 12 blanks to carry me through the rest of the year,….mostly soft woods. What a breath of fresh air….no moon suits or broken tools. This particular instrument is Kentucky poplar……and the lumber gypsies reference it as “Rainbow Poplar” which is nothing more than minerals in the soil sucked up into the tree before harvest. If you have rainbows that look like the color of this flute, you don’t need a flute….you need luggage, and a bus ticket.

Tuned to Fm with a 7/8” bore diameter, woods include dyed/stabilized box elder burl, old growth redwood burl, Oklahoma red cedar, mappa burl, systemically dyed maple, (wherein the tree was fed colored water during growth cycles before veneering), anigre, and myrtle. The inlay includes labradorite, amber, turquoise, Brazilian azotic topaz, abalone, and orange pearls. Summer is almost upon us. Enjoy.