Laotian flamewood is one of the hardest, most beautiful, and nastiest of the rosewood species on the planet. There are aspects of this build that look like they were done by a six year old, owing to the obstinance of the material. I have one chunk of wood left of this stuff, after which I’ll say adios to working with it again. Ever. Tuned to D#, this oval bore flute is 22-1/4” in length. Contrasting woods include amboyna burl and Bethlehem olive, while inlay material is predominately turquoise and labradorite, with a little abalone and hematite thrown in. As we continue to run around under the cloud of Covid, please remain cautious. Extra cautious if like myself, you got a J&J vaccine. It appears the newest variant (Lambda) just laughs at this vaccine…..probably uses it for food. Stay safe and play nice.