Direct from the “What’s New” Dept at Querencia World HQ ….. about a year ago I began fiddling with fetish designs that would remain aligned with the airway exiting the compression chamber, even if the flute was thrown from a train….. It could happen. I came up with a stylized waterbird, that hugs the sides of the sound chamber, cut from one piece of wood. Last week I finished this East Indian rosewood flute, and took the idea a step further, building a fetish that grips the sides of the flute without the need for a leather tie in securing it to the flute. The only downside at this point, is that it takes almost as much time to make and properly shape this thing for a compression fit, as it does to build the flute. Nevertheless, I think it’s going to turn out to be pretty handy.
This particular bird includes overlays of some blond mystery wood, macassar ebony, Virginia walnut burl, and SE Asian flamewood. The inlay consists of (2) 1.8mm faceted black diamonds set as eyes, and a .75ct faceted black diamond to the bird’s back.