A couple of words to, and about NA flute players, those of you who play in your sleep. You folks take a wooden tube with standard pentatonic tuning,……and turn it completely upside down. This is just what you do. You have taken my flutes, and made noises and notes I haven’t heard on ANY instrument. I will never even approach the level of skill I’ve seen and heard from professional musicians, recording artists, and those of you whose first passion is the performance of this instrument. That being said, I am blessed that you have chosen to do WHAT you do, and HOW you do it, with MY instruments. …….HOWEVER, although there are a number of things I do in building a flute, that are unique to my flutes, I am not going to tell you I engineered into these instruments whatever noises you folks seem to be able to coax out of them. Based on some degree of consistency I would say it’s 65% whittling, and 35% ………… luck.

Do I want to become a better performer then? …… No. If I learn any more about playing them, I may decide the flutes I build now are unacceptable, and I’ll start engineering them right into the fireplace. Plus, you like them now. You just do so for reasons that I think are partly out of my control, but thanks. I appreciate your loyalty, and your skill. You carry the torch for this instrument, and pretty much set the bar for proficiency. I am so far under that bar, I can’t even see it, but this instrument is magical, and continues to feed “mi querencia”. Thanks again, on behalf of the rest of us. ………too much information again.