Praise him with the strings and flute…

–Psalm 150

This will be a brief rant-free missive just to explain a little bit of pending weirdness on my “flutes for sale” page. Since I will be participating in two events this year, and they are virtually back to back……specifically the Yosemite Flute festival, and the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair, I will in all probability be cannibalizing my website flute inventory in order to have about 20 available for these events. Since they fly out of my shop at the rate of about 35 a year, ……well, I don’t have enough flutes. What you will see within the next few weeks, instead of a price, is “Email for Price”, or some such thing, for those flutes I’m taking with me. This keeps you from buying on-line some flute that I may be simultaneously selling to some guy with lederhosen and a funny hat, up in Oakhurst/Yosemite.

This is the good part. …… If you do find a flute you want….and it’s earmarked for one of these events with “Email for Price”…AND you email me for a price…AND you mention you read this blog entry, I’ll rebate to you 10% of the purchase price, because I’m reducing the prices 10% for the events anyway.

This is truly a win-win. You win because the flute costs you 10% less, without having to drag yourself to Yosemite or Manhattan Beach, and I win because ONE, I get to find out if anybody but me reads my blog, and TWO, In all probability you don’t live in California which means I don’t have to deal with Edith from the Franchise Tax Board in Sacramento regarding your flute. I hopelessly screw up my business taxes every year, and every year, I get a call from Edith. Sometimes two calls.

If it’s currently Summer where you live, have a great second half. If it’s Winter where you live, Summer is coming. When that happens, it might be a good time to invite your favorite flute maker down to where you live for a couple of weeks,…. or months.

One last note……..for those of you who read this, and perhaps purchase my flutes…..I’m building them with a lot of BIRDS for the fetish block…and I’ll tell you why. I still have some systemically dyed maple…nobody else does, and some really expensive sheet abalone, and other stuff. Horses, gophers, pigs, wombats, giraffes, squirrels and prairie dogs never look right with hints of wild colors. …birds can get away with it, particularly if it’s a bird out of my imagination. Ok then…………….