So about 12 years ago, I cut some live edge amboyna Burl, and had a tiny scrap left over. I thought then….maybe I can make something with this someday. I stumbled across it once or twice a year since then. I just finished a flute of Oklahoma red cedar, and used that scrap as part of the block, and it tells a story. The latest flute still has a bird, but in this case, the bird is potential lunch. It also has a cat, stalking the bird. Cats will stalk animals smaller than themselves, even if they’re not hungry. I guess it’s just a fun thing to do. The assemblage was somewhat fragile, so I stabilized it with crushed Arizona turquoise and chrysocolla, and created two birds, and two cats….figuring somebody will eventually break one or both of them. While fooling with it, I set the second bird up on the butt of the cat, and the visual got me laughing so hard I almost pee’d myself…..I’m entertained easily. Anyway, if you find yourself in a bar fight, and your only weapon is this flute, please remove the block before mixing it up. If you are in a bar, and pull out the flute to improvise a little tune,…I guarantee you’ll find yourself in a bar fight. Ingredients include Mexican boulder opal, Mexican fire opal, Australian opal, garnet, faceted African cognac diamonds, abalone, labradorite and turquoise……In the meantime, Covid 19 is making a return engagement where I live, it’s got a new cast of characters and the same deadly plot twists. Get vaccinated and stay Covid cautious.#Nativeamericanstyle #querenciawoodwinds