I was trying to figure out a reasonable explanation for a SEVEN YEAR absence from my blog, and the top contenders were I took a serious nap, or I was a POW in a third world country. I decided fibbing was not the answer, and I needed to take the high road…so I’m going with “I was abducted by Aliens”. Oops, sorry, wrong road. Seriously, although I continue to build these instruments, I took a couple of years off to prove to myself I cannot play the steel guitar. Starting with 9-10 electrified cigar box sliders I built, I really began to enjoy playing the slide guitar, but hated building them…… I still do. And I have seven slide guitars to prove I should be no where near them. I am horrible at it, but still have fun, at the auditory expense of a few neighbors. Thereafter, I set up Querencia Woodwinds with it’s own Facebook page, and it’s a public page so being a member of Facebook is unnecessary. I just provide a little mini showcase of the instruments that will eventually find themselves on my brand new website. My old website was 17 years old…..built when smartphones were dumb as a box of nails, and the size of milk cartons, with no screen. I truly needed to drag the technology into the 21st century, and did so as of last week. Please visit. It’s brand shiny new, so please don’t break anything. Not much fun going on with this post. Hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of things. Thanks for visiting and be nice to one another.